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Jutah Meucci & Arthur Meucci of Awesome Phoenix

We are a husband & wife duo living out our wildest dreams in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in vibrant, natural lifestyle photography & cinematic wedding videography for the wildly in love. It is important to us to provide a safe, light hearted, high vibrational client experience. We aim for our photo & video shoots to not only be fun, but also empowering & transformational. Photos & videos capture a time, place & moment that can never be again. It’s our goal to allow you to re-visit your emotions & enjoy your memories infinitely through our vivid style of visual storytelling. 



Arthur is a master film maker with an eye for the perfect image. He left his small hometown by the beach in Southern France 7 years ago to live his American dream as a photographer & videographer in Los Angeles. Along the way he met Jutah & things were never the same.


At the time Jutah was living in Los Angeles pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her life was glamorous & fast paced, but starting to feel like The Devil Wears Prada… Thats when Arthur came into her story. 


With a shared love for photography & fashion, Arthur & Jutah instantly clicked. They always dreamed of owning a business together, something they talked about often. Fast forward 6 years & today Jutah & Arthur work happily alongside each other doing what they love! They built their business together & wake up every morning excited to work. Their undeniable love for what they do is woven into the fabric of Awesome Phoenix.


Choosing your wedding videographer is more than finding someone with likes on Instagram. You will spend more time with your videographer on your wedding day than most of your family, so make sure you enjoy their work & connect with their personality



Favorite Things:

Arthur: Mario Kart, NFTs, Going to the movies, Cooking​ at home


Jutah: Matcha, Exotic Fruit, My bichon-poodle named Flame, My Camera (1DX Mark iii)

What is your favorite part about what you do: 


Arthur: Having the pleasure of capturing memories for people & telling couples love stories. I also enjoy watching myself grow as a videographer with each project.


Jutah: Making my clients feel empowered! With the right creative you will feel a rush of confidence after your shoot, even if you went into it feeling self conscious.

What inspires you: 

Arthur: The pursuit of capturing the perfect shot. Wether it’s an image or a video clip, there is nothing more satisfying. Also, movies! When I shoot weddings I aim to create a mini movie with a high range of emotions. 

Jutah: Our clients! Everyone we meet is different & unique in their own way & that raw uniqueness is fun to play up on. Getting to know clients throughout our time together & encouraging them to step into themselves & let their guard down often leads to the most inspiring images & film. I am also very inspired by nature & locations.

Dream location for a shoot/wedding: 


Arthur: Hawaii, Tahiti or Costa Rica


Jutah: France & Italy are at the top of my list! Give me all the lavender fields & cobblestone streets! 


We are so excited to hear about your project & get to know you!

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