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A Wedding iPhone Content Creator is exactly what it sounds like! This unique bespoke service includes me following you around all day long capturing every special moment on an iPhone 15 in 4K. It's the perfect 'instant gratification' service on your wedding day, & there is truly nothing else like it available!  


Who is this service for? 

This service is for anyone who wants to be able to showcase their wedding on social media! It's also great for preserving memories throughout your day. Brides using this service will be able to utilize this professional, high quality footage immediately after their wedding to post onto Instagram stories to showcase their day or easily transform it into viral Reels and TikToks. If you want to be able to look back on your day & relive those raw, intimate moments this is this is the service for you! 

What can I expect from this service? 

You can expect me to show up & capture iPhone footage from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave! I leave no stone unturned. I have a fun & bubbly personality & I feel very much in-tune to my creative side when I am shooting weddings on my iPhone! My high energy is infectious & my main goal, aside form capturing every single detail, is making sure you have the best day of your life! No matter your reason for booking this service, you will look back on this footage & cherish every single clip. There is truly no other way to relive your wedding day quite like you can with this service. 

What kind of shots do you get? How do you know what kind of shots I want? 

I get a combination of candid & posed shots. After booking we will plan a phone call so I can get up to speed with your vision! We will have time to discuss you inspiration & you will be able to send me any inspo/Reels/TikToks that you would like to recreate. from that I create a shot list that I will be working off of all day. Additionally I will ask if you have anything special planned like a specialty cocktail at cocktail hour, a cigar bar, outfit changes etc. This allows me to anticipate those moments & ensure they are captured. Aside from anything specialty, I capture all the classic shots you could want throughout the day, with the bride as my main focus. Wherever you go, I'll follow unless otherwise specified. After shooting 100+ weddings I know exactly the kind of shots brides are looking for! 

Will this interfere with my Photographer & videographer?

Not at all! In fact, I have received feedback from photographers & videographers who were grateful to have me alongside them! Your photographer & videographer have a lot on their plate during your day, on top of being expected to constantly pose you. As a video professional myself, I am able to step in if and when needed and pose my own shots that end up giving your photographer & videographer a break & allow them to capture creative angles from a different perspective. I know you are paying a lot of money for your photography and videography, so I am very respectful when it comes to placing myself to grab my own shots. My goal is to work in complete unison with your other vendors, making everyone's day easier if possible! 

So it's just iPhone coverage? 

It may sound like *just* iPhone coverage, but I promise you this coverage is anything but ordinary! I am very thorough & calculated about the shots I take. The footage you receive from me will be shot in 4K, stabilized, smooth, & straight- it’s not your average iPhone footage! It's not the same as asking your friend to grab a few shots, it is truly professional iPhone footage.

Do you travel? 

I am absolutely available for travel! For out of state Wedding Content Creation I charge a fee equal to the price of my flight, transportation & if necessary, hotel. I love to travel so don't be discouraged if you are interested in this service & not local to Arizona!  

What makes this service different from videography? 

As similar as this may sound to hiring a videographer, this service is actually the exact opposite. Your videographer will create a 'highlight reel' of all your big ticket moments throughout the day, and you probably wont receive your final wedding video until 2-3 months after your wedding. My Content Capturing service provides you with all the raw, intimate moments of the day within 48 hours. Your wedding video will be a collage of moody clips, in slow motion, only a few seconds long. With my service, I will provide you with clips of entire moments as they unfold. Imagine your first look... from the moment you walk up until the moment your future husband turns around & sees you in your dress for the first time. That moments might only be around 10 seconds in a wedding video, however I will provide you with the entire first look, all the reactions, excitement, tears shed & hugs, unedited in all of their glory. 

When & how will I receive my footage? 

No matter how many hours you book me for you will receive all the videos & photos I take on my iPhone throughout the day. You will receive instant access to an iCloud gallery as well as an organized Drop box gallery within 48 hours.

What is required to book? 

A 50% retainer is required to confirm your booking. After your first payment your date is scheduled & unavailable to other inquiring clients. If you do not know how many hours you would like I suggest starting with my minimum (4 hours) & as we get closer to your wedding day more time can always be added on. Once the retainer is paid you can rest assured that your day is confirmed & I will be available for a little or as much time as you need me once you have your timeline figured out. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes I do! You can break up your payments into as many installments as you'd like, even monthly! I also offer auto-pay so it's one less thing you have to stress about! 




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