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Frequently Asked Questions



What is your shooting style?

We are story-driven cinematographers who focus on capturing real moments as they unfold. We believe good storytellers are attentive, intentional and subtle. We leave you space to feel, cry, dance, laugh and enjoy the precious moments you're in. These are the type of honest moments we strive to capture on film. Our main goal is to capture the true feeling of your day.

We will work closely with your photographer to capture both the orchestrated (and more importantly) the candid, in-between moments of your day. We will add natural direction where & when it is necessary to help you feel comfortable and add a bit of movement – but always with the goal of leaning you into the present moment & each other.


Who will be with us on our day?

We are a husband & wife film company, so you can expect to have us (Arthur & Jutah) there on your day unless we communicate otherwise upon booking. We love working together & the unique perspective it brings to your day. Once your wedding has been captured, we each play a part in the editing process and every film is carefully crafted by the both of us. 


How do you work with our photographer?

We will work very closely with photographer on your big day. We understand that their work is a huge part of your day, and we make sure they have the space to direct and do their job well. Time on your wedding day is priceless, so most of what we shoot is candid and shot alongside the photographer. We aim to make you feel like you're working with one team and not two!


What do you require to book?

To book your date, we require a 50% deposit. The remainder is not due until 7 days before your wedding day. Feel free to ask us about payment plans, we are always happy to accommodate this!


How do you capture audio?

We record all ceremony, reception and other scheduled audio on a few pieces of equipment (unobtrusive lapel mics, working with the DJ & his soundboard, etc). This ensures you are getting the highest quality sound possible from several different sources. For letter readings, first touches, or any other planned audio events outside of the ceremony & reception, please let us know so we can make sure we are prepared to give it the space it deserves!

How do you make sure you know what we want?

It is important to us to get to know you, hear your story, and your vision for your film! All clients get a welcome phone call to establish expectation and go over key details about your day. Depending on how far in advance you are planning, we will have 1-2 more phone calls leading up to your wedding day. 


How does the music selection process go? 

We believe it's our job to find the perfect marriage between the music you love and the story of your film. It’s so important to us that your film feels like you, so after booking we'll ask you a series of questions about your music preferences. This gives us helpful insight as we start curating the music for your film! Because we license all of our music legally, this means we can't always accommodate specific requests, but it also means that we are honoring the brilliant and hard-working artists who created the music for your film (by paying them!). We love searching for songs we think you'll love & will flow perfectly in your film.


Are there any pieces of the day that you don't film? 

We do not take any shots of food (aside from the cake) or people eating. 


When can we expect to receive our final film?

You can expect to receive your film within 6 weeks of your wedding day!

After a typical wedding day (6+ hours of shooting), we usually end up with hundreds of gigabytes of footage, 500+ video clips, and audio files from at least three different sources. Between organizing your footage, syncing footage and audio, sourcing music, selecting clips for your film, color correction & grading, and carefully piecing it all together to re-create your wedding day, editing can take 30+ hours over the course of a month. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to this part of the process and give every couple our very best! When we’ve finished your film, we'll send you a Vimeo link as well as a digital folder with your film & any other extras from your package.


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