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Papago Park Sunset Proposal

Marquee letters lit up to say "My Heart" and 4 cold sparklers set the stage for this incredible sunset proposal!


Our client Brandon was in town from California with his girlfriend Krissy to visit her family. His proposal planner, Shannon of Perfect Proposals & Planning, got in touch with us to schedule photography and videography for his Scottsdale proposal.

The plan was classic: Arthur hid behind a massive palm tree and I meet the couple and family in the parking lot to begin our "photo shoot." This family did photo shoots often and being the first week of December it made sense they would be doing a holiday photo shoot. I took my time photographing them until the lighting was just right.

I told them to start walking towards me and to look at each other while I began to lure the family towards the marquee light. Moments before the light was in sight Krissy mis-stepped and almost tripped but caught herself. This moment added to the surprise because it kept her looking at the group with every step until she looked up and the sign was right in front of her.

Brandon led Krissy to the sign and asked her to marry him. Krissy said yes and all 4 cold sparklers went off in celebration! It was so epic and magical, and the couple themselves were so charming, everything felt mean to be!

Afterwards we jumped into photos while the sky was looking like cotton candy. The reflection of the sky in the lake was breathtaking so we let these two soak up every moment of pure happiness while we filmed some of the most beautiful sunset footage ever!

We had such a pleasant time working with all of the involved vendors, and highly suggest all 3 of them! See below for their Instagrams.

Planner: @PerfectProposalsAndPlanning

Marquee Letters: @DesertSageAZ

Cold Sparklers: @XperienceEnt

Watch the 3 minute proposal film below!

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